wireless ultrasound probe
Portable Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access Tool

PA100 portable ultrasound device

PA100 is a portable ultrasound device special for vascular structure diagnostic and accurate positioning for vascular access.In clinic,it is used to looking for target blood vessels,display nearby vessels structure,so that achieve precise vascular access.
Description Application Demonstration Accessories

1. Boot screen is the vascular access interface.

2. With Presetting Parameters, Non-Ultrasound Professionals Can Operate it easily & Directly.

3. With the real-time measurement software,we can adjust the depth via probe button under 2D real-time status, moving to the central axis to measure. The depth scale is devided into 0.5mm each step.

4.Being easy to choose the most appropriate catheter by comparing the ref.   icons of catheter size in the interface.

5. Facilitate puncture needle middle point orientation via four middle grooves in  the probe.

6.handheld design,light weight,only 1Kg.

7.The host can be placed on a trolly or Hospital cart.

8.Long duration time 

PA100 ultrasound device is normally applied in PICC Department ,Emergency Dept.,Interventional  Dept. and ICU etc.,implanted venous port and Arteriopuncture or dialysis patients for AVF assessment,pathological diagnosis and maintain etc.                                                                                            
Indication :                                                                                                                                        
1. Cancer patients need long chemotherapy regimens;                                                                      
2. patients need extended antibiotic therapy;                                                                                    
3. patients need total parenteral nutrition;                                                                                
4.Patients need administer medication or fluids that are unable to be taken by mouth or would harm a smaller peripheral vein.                                                                                                            
5.obtain blood tests (specifically the "central venous oxygen saturation")                                          
6. Patients need to be measured central venous pressure                                                          
7.patients need regular kidney dialysis       

Clinical Application 

PICC Clinic Application


Ultrasound Guided System for CVC in Anesthesiology Department

Elder Internal Jugular Vein Puncture Clinic Application

Ultrasound Device for Rehabilitation Care Cente

Ultrasound Clinic Application of Veterinary in China Agricultural University

Clinic Application in Dialysis Section Department

Radial Artary Clinic Ultrasound Image-short Axis 

Radial Artary Clinic Ultrasound Image-Long Axis 


Jugular Vein Short Axis Clinic Ulstrasound Image(Duman Med)

Jugular Vein Long Axis Clinic Ulstrasound Image(Duman Med)


Basilic Vein Clinic Ultrasound Image-Short Axis(Duman Med)

Basilic Vein Clinic Ultrasound Image-Long Axis(Duman Med) 


Long Axis Puncture Hint


Short Axis Puncture Hint

Puncture Frame