wireless ultrasound probe
Wireless Ultrasound Scanner/Probe

Free 5MC wireless ultrasound scanner

Penetration visualizes good resolution in deeper organs.
Mild reduces the image enhancement effect.
Preset register
Compact body, easy to carry
Usable in any places
Simple operation
USB port
Description Technical specification Application Demonstration

Free 5MC:Micro-Convex probe
Radium:R15 mm
Image Adjust: Gain, Focus, Harmonic, Denoise
Application: children, animal
Clinical Application: 

Vascular、Liver、kidney 、 Pediatric、 intervention ect.

Applied Department :

Radiology、nephrology、anesthesiology、ICU、Emergency、rehabilitation、 Urology, vascular surgery, armor, etc.

Application scene:

Public hospital、private hospital、Military hospital、community Hospital、Private clinic 、School、medical center、pet hospital ,ect

                                                             Liver Imaging