wireless ultrasound probe
Wireless Ultrasound Scanner/Probe

Free 5C convex wireless ultrasound scanner

Free 5 wireless series device is a handheld,pocket-sized ultrasound tool that combin all function of ultrasound in a probe,it is  provides real-time grayscale anatomic and color Doppler blood flow images with mobile phone,Ipad or laptop.After download the
Description Technical specification Application Demonstration

Free 5C:Convex probe
Radium:R60 mm
Image Adjust: Gain, Focus, Harmonic, Denoise
Application: abdomen,Gynecology and so on.
Clinical Application:

Liver、kidney、 Gynecology 、 fetus、stomach、 pancreas and so on.

Applied Department:

Radiology 、 Nephrology 、Anesthesiology、ICU、Emergency department 、 Hepatobiliary  surgery、 Gastrointestinal Surgery、Pediatrics、Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Application scene:

Public hospital、private hospital、Military hospital、community Hospital、Private clinic

School、medical center、pet hospital and so on.


                                                                 Liver Imaging 

                                                    Kidney Imaging